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I hate it! I hate life! Why does it have to be so cruel!I've lost my grandmother, grandfather and aunt within the past couple years. My aunt and my grandfather within the past six months. And now my Great Uncle has died! This is probably part of the reason that I don't have a religion. If there really was a god, then he wouldn't be this cruel. I got an email yesterday from my mother about my uncle being sick and in the hospital. She mentioned that she had forgot to tell me earlier that he had been having trouble with his bladder and had a catheter put in. Apparently yesterday his kidneys shut down and was having problems with his blood sugar, he was a diabetic. I didn't want to call my mom as I had been gone all day and didn't get the email until late last night, when I was sure that she would be asleep. So this morning I wake up to my cell phone ringing. AND I KNEW! I just knew it! How did I know that that's what she was calling me for! How did I even know it was her! Ugh, I'm just so angry and sad and trying not to cry too much. These deaths always happen at the worst time too! My grandmothers was right before my interview with Wilderness State Park, where I now work during the summer, and right after it I had to go to the showing for her and couldn't take the drug test for the interview the next day because of the funeral. My aunts happened the day before Thanksgiving. And now my uncle's is at the beginning of the last week of school before spring break. Which means I have finals to study for and assignments due and I don't really feel like doing anything at the moment.
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