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Meme again

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

From mtfanatic

1. SuJu - My first introduction to korean music. I actually discovered them through Arashi (my first j music love) about a year ago. ^^ They are my biggest obsession atm.

2. FT Island - My newest korean obsession, well before Big Bang that is XD Hmmmm...who should I blame for this.....I think I'm gonna go with Kim and Nicki. Yeah, that sounds about right. XD Minhwan still kinda scares me. Reference here. Wonbin is hot. The new guy is cute *can't think of his name atm >.<* and Hongki, Jaejin and Jonghun are squishy ^^

3. Lyric game (From M13) - hehe I skipped out early on bowling with my friends to play this game that Lily organized for the M13 girls and actually won! Yay! I was so afraid that my slow typing was going to make me lose.

4. Skype - One of my favorite ways to talk to the M13 girls. Besides msn. This way they can hear my somewhat violent typing and me being a dork (especially my laugh), instead of seeing my fail in typing, although sometimes that happens too.....alot

5. HeeChullie - Only my fav member in Suju! I've liked him since the first time I saw him. His smirk doesn't scare me, but only attracts me to him more. The same goes for his snarky ways. My comp is also named Chullie, he can be a pain in the butt sometimes. *squishes Heechul*

From bakabaka16

1. Nicki - hehe, well, Nicki's one of the girls on M13, I think I probably talk to her and Lily the most and we're probably the only sole members of M13 that have watched Good Daddy. Which everybody should watch! I don't care if it's not subbed yet! Hongki's and Heechul's antics are enough! Plus the other dad's are great and the daughters are cute! KK, ranting done. And we also both have dogs named Toby!

2. Skype - This is probably one of the first interactions that I had with the girls on M13, besides a few msn conversations. In fact I think Nicki and Danielle were the first ones that I spoke to on there. ^^

3. M.13 - Miracle 13oys, the fansubbing group for Super Junior! YAY! I'm an editor on the team, who reeeaaallllyyyy needs to learn some new skills. Didn't I say at one point that I was going to learn to time? >.< I think that I've made some really awesome friends with the girls on there. It's one of the few places that I can spazz about Super Junior and someone will actually spazz with me.

4. lpgranger - my username, which I tend to use alot XD. It all basically started around the time that the first Harry Potter movie came out. I had never read the books and after watching it I went out and bought the first three to read and fell in love/obsession with the series. I forget what I was signing up for, but I needed a username and ended up using a username generator thingy and put in i think my initials and my two favorite HP characters at the time, Hermione Granger and Remus Lupin. And I just picked the username that I liked. ^^ Sometimes I add a 3 or 13 to the end just for randomness because they are some of my favorite numbers.

5. Your kitty - hehe, my kitty, my baby. *squishes* I got him as a kitten at the end of 5th grade from one of my teachers. So, he's .... ALMOST 11! *gasp* T^T But I love him so much even though he can be a real pain in the butt and practically hates me now that I'm gone for uni most of the time. He LOVES my dad even though my dad's allergic to him and doesn't really like him and calls him "dummy". It's too adorable that he doesn't like to eat alone and if anyone is heading towards his room, aka the laundry room, (even if you aren't actually going there) he will run ahead of you and sit there at the end of the hallway, waiting for you to come with him in there to eat. XD I also do weird things like talking for him, in sort of a babyish way. I'm his mother, my dad is his grandpa, my sister is his aunt, but I still call her Hannah, and my mother is his granny, don't ask me why I don't call her grandma when I have never called my own grandmothers granny, but, yeah, my mom hates it. XD ooooooohhhh lots of spazzing and rambling about my kitty. Did I mention he's black and white, with a white tipped tail and a black spot on his stomach, hence the name, Oreo. What can I say, I wasn't very original with cat names when I was younger and this was before I got my awesome cat naming book. XD Oh what the heck. PICTURE TIME!

With my dad. ^^

Nope, not my dog. Joey is my aunt's dog that we had to take care of for awhile. I'm still surprised at this picture, because Oreo doesn't like other animals.

And just another picture of him being adorable while asleep. ^^
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