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previous meme continuation ^^

Hmmmm..... the other post was getting too big, so ...... XD

from lil_aqua_chic

1. Blue - LOL that's so easy. My favorite color! Plus's there's sapphire blue for Suju and Wookie (aka my ipod) is the same color. ^^

2. Super Junior Happy - o.O really? You think of SJH for me? I would have thought SJT, but..... okies. XD Hmmmm..... maybe it's because I made such a big deal when the group was going to come out and I was whining because Heechul was gone. XD But now I love them so much! Shindong and his poo hair! Teukie and his cute bag thingy! Sungmin and his wings! ...... Now I have "Run to You" stuck in my head. Thank you very much Lily. *glares*

3. Heechul - LOL again? XD Wellllll.....duh, my fav member! I spot him even when he's totally inconspicuous *notes pic of Siwon and Trent* I spazz and whine about him, such as his various hair styles. I watched Good Daddy just because he was in it and then fell in love with the show and Hongki and the other dads and even the daughters. He is usually the subject of my pic spammages on msn or skype.

4. MSN - hehe, well the other form of communication to my online friends! And the most used. ^^ I tend to change my dps frequently and have MANY emotes thanks in part mostly to Lily. XD I'm Henry's Official Cheek Pincher 이디아 , the last part is apparently my name Lydia in Korean according to Kim. ^^ It is a frequent place for spazzing and flailing and just getting work done for M13.

5. Dramas - I tend to watch quite a bit of dramas and movies, mostly jdramas, but I have seen a few k and twdramas as well. I really need to clear off Henli and watch more. Remember the list that I was making of dramas that you all told me I was supposed to watch? I don't think I've even watched any of them. XD
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