Henry's Umma/Official Cheek Pincher (lpgranger) wrote,
Henry's Umma/Official Cheek Pincher

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>.< Why Ma-Shiwon! Why!

GRRRRRRRR! So, I'm stuck here at uni at the moment because Ma-Shiwon, aka my Blazer, does not want to start. And it's not because the battery's dead. He's already packed to the brim! All I want to do is go home, but I can't! T^T Campus is basically shut down and nothing's open. It's a good thing there are people still doing laundry down here in the townhouses and they left the door open, because I already turned in my keys. So I have to sit here and wait for like an hour for my dad to come pick me up and put all the stuff in the jeep. We'll just have to see what's wrong with Shiwon. I hope it's nothing major and costly. >.>
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