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My stupid Youtube videos!

Yeah. So I was bored one day and thought it would be funny to pair up a song with a very different music video. So I was playing around with it and thought that it looked kinda funny, at least to me, and decided to actually make a video for it. That led to me making two more videos. I have no skills at all in making videos, so I'm probably the only one who thinks that their any good, but oh well, I guess I can be my own fan.

The first video that I made doesn't even have a title in the video or who made it. There was no editing involved with this video. I just moved the song to start at a little later time than the beginning to match up with part of the video in the beginning. It is the Wonder Girl's "Tell Me" music video matched up with WaT's song "Tokimeki DooBeeDoo". I think that some parts of the dancing and the action parts kinda match up, you just have to not pay attention to the parts where the girls are singing because I was not trying to match up the singing in the video with the music to make it look like they were lip-syncing. Anyways, here's the link to the video. (PS: Did I sound like a jerk to the person who commented on this video? I didn't mean to. I wasn't even mad that she didn't like the video because it's probably something that only I would like.)


The second video was also made on a whim. I had just decided to listen to the song "Balalaika" by Kusumi Koharu and thought that it would be funny to put it with Super Junior T's "Rokkugo" video and it worked out OK again like the first video, except the song is longer than the video, so I added credits and then played the beginning of the video again and I think that it looks pretty good in most parts. When Super Junior is saying "Rokkugo" it matches up with the song while some guys are saying " Oo Ah" and it kinda looks like lip-syncing. The dancing also kinda matches up. The first 10 or so seconds don't seem to match up after that, but keep watching to see some stuff that matches up after that. Here's the link.


The third video that I did, did involve some editing, but not much. I wanted to make a music video for the movie Pikanchi: Life is Hard, Dakedo Happy, so I put the whole movie into my movie maker and it somehow miraculously split the movie into like a hundred pieces and I was able to pick which parts I wanted. I still don't know how that happened because I can't get it to do that for other videos that I put in there. But I put different parts of the movie with the song "Naniwa Iroha Bushi" by Kanjani8 and I think it looks pretty good. But, other people can tell me what they think, if anybody ever finds this post, 'cause it seems that nobody likes me or wants to comment on my journal or has found me? (T_T Feels sad and goes off to cry. JK! XD) But, it's not like I have anything interesting to post on here anyways, unless people want some of the music and stuff that I have. Anyways, here's the link.

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