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Epik High Part 1

So, now I'm going to write this all down and try to remember all the important details of my trip to NY to see Epik High. Pics and vids (however crappy they both may be) will be posted later! ^^ (in fact the vids are almost done being upped)

Thursday: 090521

Woke up early, got dressed and finished packing my backpack and purse/bag for the plane. I soooooo wanted an Iced Cap from Tim Horton's when Brittany's stepmom offered, but we were like .... we can't drink it that fast!

Check in and security went smoothly because we checked in online the night before. We both almost tripped and fell when stepping off the moving sidewalks in the airport, I don't think we stopped walking on them quick enough. We were about an hour early, so we sat and waited for a half an hour before they started to board the plane and then we got on! Mine and Brittany's first flight! Yay for gum! I hate taking off ..... and landing. But I got cookies and water to snack on! And I saw the Statue of Liberty from the plane! XD

We we arrived at the airport it was like ..... WOW! There's alot of people here! We made our way to the exit and realized that we still had no idea where we were going, so we searched for maps and found the Manhattan bus map, which became quite handy throughout most of our trip. It was about this time that Sonia called and asked where we were and if we could meet them at a certain place when they get into the city. It was maybe 11 o'clock *doesn't remember* and we were going to catch a bus, or rather two buses to get to the hotel .... but we didn't have $4, or rather $2 for each bus that wasn't in dollar bills. So we stopped at the Starbucks in the airport and ordered a drink and got some change ($4 in quarters, hehe the lady knew we were going to ride the bus when we asked for that).

Yay! The first bus we got on the money/metrocard thing wasn't working, so we didn't have to pay! ^^ Muahaha. The bus ride was long and scary (traffic). XD The wait for the second bus was longer though. We went by Central Park! And lots of other places. (wow, so descriptive)

The hotel! We had to walk about a block from where we got off the bus, and first I had us go the wrong way, so we had to go back. XD But it was pretty cool! The room was small though and we realized that they actually did change my reservation from when I asked them to, so there was only one bed. We got sorta settled in and then had the staff bring us extra towels and stuff so that they wouldn't have to come into the room and clean during our stay. Then Sonia called and said that they were there .... oops, we hadn't even left the hotel yet, and where we were supposed to meet them was quite a ways away. ^^; But I think we actually made pretty good time and got there in about 15 min. *just guessing* Yay! I met Rae! (lilac_vanilla) *jumps* and of course I met Sonia (starflower135) as well. ^^

Then once we got there we had to go on the long walk to the bus station! We bought tickets and were able to get on the bus right away, after a little explaining to the ticket guy that the reason so many people were going to that destination (because he asked) was that there was a fanmeet for a korean group. On the bus Rae gave me my copy of Map the Soul and the dvds that Lily burned for me! ^^ Brittany and I gave her the postcards that we wrote for Epik High (note: http://lilac-vanilla.livejournal.com/192712.html)

We missed the stop to get off at the fanmeet! XD There were six of us left on that bus (all girls) and we were all going to the fanmeet, and we missed it! XD But we got off at the next one and didn't have to walk too far. ^^ We all brought cell phones and were able to get into the VIP line. So we waited.......we saw Jessy (diawook ) ^^, Sonia snuck up in line with some other girls and Rae and I snuck up there with her, eventually later, and then Brittany snuck up as well. We kinda got yelled at by some other girls. They were kinda pissed and sorta called us crazy fangirls because of the gifts Rae and Sonia had for Epik High. *grrrrrrrr* We got sticky notes with our names on them so that when they went to write our autograph they wouldn't spell it wrong. Sonia gave Brittany a copy of Map the Soul to have them sign for her friend.

It was time!

The stupid people letting us in decided to let about ten people from the VIP line go in and then the regular line and keep switching between the two. So what was the point of the VIP line?!  But we finally made it! I was soooooo nervous. Rae and Sonia were first. Sonia gave the paper flowers to the boys and Tukutz and Mithra were so adorable trying to put them behind their ears. XD Rae gave the gifts to Mithra. I loved when Tablo asked Rae what she wanted him to draw on Tukutz's face on the posters they were signing, and she said whiskers. *squishes Rae*. Then it was my turn. I hand no choice in the matter about what was drawn on Tukutz's face though. Tablo was just like, "How about a pre-teen Tukutz" and then proceeded to draw pimples on his face, with Tukutz going "Noooooooo" in the background sorta quietly. XD I didn't have a word said to me by Mithra, but Tukutz did tell me thank you in korean. ^^ Brittany was after me and Tablo called her Sonia's friend's name (Wendi?) and Brittany was like "No, that's not me, I'm just the extra person, she couldn't be here". When we finally got out I found out that everyone, including Brittany had gotten their Map the Soul albums signed and I didn't! They said that Tablo just sorta grabbed it and signed it. T^T I had mine in my hand like everyone else, why didn't I get mine signed!

We stayed for awhile because there were contests going on to win T-shirts and VIP concert tickets to be able to sit in the balcony of the concert hall and meet Epik High backstage. Hehe Tukutz popped out the the fanmeet to see the singing/rapping contest for a second and then ran back in. XD Brittany ended up winning a T-shirt, I've already forgotten if others won something. I actually found someone's VIP ticket on the ground, and because I didn't know what to do with it I kept it in my pocket. I mean I didn't want anyone to try and claim it as theirs if it wasn't theirs in the first place. And I didn't want to keep it because there was no point in actually having the ticket if Brittany and Rae and the others didn't have them. I didn't want to go alone. So I turned it in after the contest was over.

After we got back to NY we went back to the hotel room to drop off Rae and Sonia's stuff. We ended up calling down to the front desk for an extra blanket for Rae and Sonia when the slept on the floor. Brittany and I also gave them our comforter as well. We made Rae and Sonia hide in the bathroom when the guy came up with the blanket. He must have thought we were crazy, because we had the air conditioner on high and we were asking for another blanket. XD

After that we went and walked around town. We were going to go to The Circle nightclub, where Epik High were supposed to be guests, but when we went there, there were signs saying that they weren't going to be there that night. So we ended up going through Time Square and I bought an "I <3 NYC" t-shirt. We also looked through the Sanrio store and Walgreens. We ended up passing through Bryant park and we sat down by this big fountain for awhile and then went back to the hotel room to sleep.
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