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Harry Potter Annoyances

So, overall I did like this movie. There were just a few things that REALLY bugged me about it. >.<

Ok, so I might be totally wrong and I'm not going to check this atm because my book is out in the playhouse w/all my other stuff to be taken back to college in a couple months. Anyways, wasn't Draco supposed to be w/Narcissa when the bond was made? And I also didn't like her hair. >.>

Ummmm, what's with Tonks calling Remus honey or w/e? Wasn't she supposed to be all moody in this book because Remus was pushing her away and not letting them be a couple?

Sectumsempra was totally not what I expected it to be. I was expecting a rather large gash across Draco's chest with blood like pooling everwhere. Not stuff under his shirt. >.>

Not a gripe, but I swear I don't remember who the heck Cormac or w/e his name was?!

Where was everything about Snape being the half blood prince? What about Hermione finding all the information about his mother!

WTF! Harry was supposed to be under Petrificus Totalus under his invisibility cloak during the whole Draco/Snape/Dumbledore scene!

And where the heck was the whole battle at the end?! Where was Bill?! What about Dumbledore's funeral?!

I swear there was other stuff, but idk. >.>

Wow. I need an HP icon. Considering it's like half my fandom. T^T

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