Henry's Umma/Official Cheek Pincher (lpgranger) wrote,
Henry's Umma/Official Cheek Pincher

>.> Weird Dream

Okies, so idk what brought this on, but in between my sister's alarm clock going off every 10 minutes in the morning, because she keeps hitting the snooze button, I had a very strange and short dream.

It all started in my bedroom. Aiba (from Arashi) and I were sitting on my bed deciding what movie we wanted to watch. Aiba pulls out this japanese gay pron dvd and asks if we could watch it. My reaction was to tell him no and that those movies were stupid and they were all fake. We get into a slight argument about it (I don't remember what we were yelling) and then I look down at my bedspread and notice that the print of it is actually the cover of a j-pron dvd. I yell at Aiba again and go "WTF! Where did this come from?" and before he could answer I storm out of the room.
As I leave the room, I walk the like 10 feet to my bathroom and notice that Tablo's in there! And the rest of it gets a bit fuzzy because I was waking up at this point. But I remember that I somehow seduced Tablo into taking off his shirt and giving it to me. But he had a tanktop on underneath. >.>

So, yeah, craaaazzzzyyyyy dream. I think this shows more of my pervy side. >.<
Tags: aiba masaki, arashi, crazy dreams, epik high
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