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>.> Crazy Dream Again

So, last night was really crappy. I went to bed and couldn't get to sleep until about 2am. Then I woke up about 3:30 with stomach cramps that did not stop until sometime after 8. So, my mom called in to work for me because I was sick and I basically had to be at work by 8. And that's when I finally got to sleep. But, in that like hour and a half, that I fell asleep I had a crazy dream again.

Okies, I remember being in a classroom and the teacher tells us something and then she walks out the door. Tom Felton, apparently the evil guy and a bully in our classroom, stands up and says, "Raise your hand if you would like me to be student council president". A couple kids raise their hand. But then I go, "Raise your hand if you don't want him to become president". And then everyone raised their hand. Tom got really mad at me and stalked over and threatened me. I tried to kick him in the knee (I was sitting down at the time) but it didn't really affect him. I can never fight back in my dreams! Idk why! It always ends up being so half-hearted and wimpy. >.>

Then the dream moved on to someplace else that I don't even know. I remember Taecyeon and Chansung and Jay were there from 2PM, and I could only understand what Taecyeon and Jay were saying. Somehow they were my brothers. And there was something else that had to do with the Wonder Girls (being there or knowing them, idk) and uploading youtube videos.

Then the scene turned to the campground that I work at, and I was at the contact station, where everyone comes to register. But there was something with me and I had like magical powers or something and I had put all of the shards together. Which in my dream I was comparing myself to the anime Inuyasha, which I have only seen a couple episodes of and maybe a movie or two. So I went outside and was raising up this weird storm and all of a sudden Tom comes riding on a bike from the campground going "I can't wait until ......" I know he said the whole thing in my dream, and it was something about girl's day, I swear. But it basically translated as, "I can't wait until that day because I'm going to kill you".  So, like the idiot I am, I go up to him and start chatting him up and telling him that he's not that bad looking and I would like him if he wasn't trying to kill me. He basically says the same thing, says that he's still going to kill me on that day, but we end up going for a walk around the campground. Everything gets fuzzy after that, but I remember that Tom changed into Ryan, one of the guys at work. >.>

Tags: 2pm, chansung, crazy dreams, jay, taecyeon, tom felton, work is awesome
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