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I Got Into A Car Accident

Well, I kinda crashed my car last night.

I'm ok though, but I feel extremely stupid. I was wearing my steel-toed work boots, which are like heavy duty clunky sneakers and the foot on the gas pedal got stuck on my floor mat and I looked down for a second and when I looked up I was off the road. I tried to get back up on the road, but ummm I couldn't and hit a tree. The tree wasn't even that big, but it was an oak tree, so it didn't really budge because it was so hard.

I smacked my head against the steering wheel because my air bag did not deploy and I have a little bit of a seatbelt burn on my neck and chest. Right now I just feel sore and stupid. I have a cut between my eyes and on my right eyebrow, and now my right eyelid is completely bruised and swollen and I have a huge lump above my eye. My knees also are slightly bruised.
Tags: car accident
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