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Lydia Should Watch How She Spends Her Money

So, this will be a post of fandom things that I own/want.

Super Junior
AOTPB Photo Set A & B
AOTPB Deluxe Edition Movie
AOTPB Poster
AOTPB Movie Still Cellphone Charm
Sorry Sorry Versions A,B,C and the Taiwan Version C w/DVD
Sorry Sorry Posters: Heechul,Kibum,Sungmin , Hankyung,Kyuhyun,Kangin , Version B, Version C
Photo Sets A & B

Big Bang
T.O.P style star/lightning bolt earrings
Cartoon postcard set (courtesy of Brittany)
Stand Up Tour Slap Bracelet
Stand Up Tour Photo Sets A & B
Cellphone Charm/Cleaner
G-Dragon Heartbreaker Album

Changmin Necklace(courtesy of Brittany)
Changmin Socks
All About DBSK Season 2 Poster (courtesy of Ro)

Photo501 Book with DVD and Poster
All About SS501 DVD

Cross & Change Album w/Poster (courtesy of Brittany)

Woooooowwwwwww, I'm lazy and have a short attention span. I'll update this later, because there is still A LOT of stuff not on here, and this is just the stuff that I own. >.>
Tags: and i say i have no money, stuff
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