Henry's Umma/Official Cheek Pincher (lpgranger) wrote,
Henry's Umma/Official Cheek Pincher

Best SJ Dream Ever! .... So Far!

IDK what was going on, and as I type this I'm probably forgetting half of it. >.<
Okay, somehow I was a pretty Asian girl, and SJ were on a train with me ..... minus Geng, Kibum, and Kangin. :/
All of a sudden they are all staying the night at my house(which actually did look like my house), including some fans. Everyone was all sitting in the corner of my room, wearing their encore concert t-shirts, except Kyu, who was wearing a see-thru silver button-up sleeveless top. And then there was Siwon, who was in my bed! Of course he was ever the gentleman and I was under the covers, while he was on top. Kyu and Chul were playing around on the floor, bumping knees and such, while Siwon and I started to have small conversations in English.  I pointed out to him that the clothes the boys were wearing would be what they wore to the concert the next day. Siwon did a double take (which was so adorable XDD) looking at Kyu's shirt and said something like "I hope not! My nipples might fall off!" And of course I'm giggling at Siwon using the word nipple. I say something about him probably being hot on stage anyways, and it wouldn't really matter, but if he sweated to much he might get a cold afterwords. There was also something about Siwon being mad that Tablo didn't call them and take them out to dinner. And then he said that if someone did do that, then they should be beheaded. I remember thinking/whispering "If it means having dinner with you boys, then I would love to be beheaded afterwords." Then we fell asleep, heads against each other. Siwon woke up later, and left to move down with the boys on the floor, because he didn't want the fans to get jealous of me sleeping with him. He tried to take the green stuffed rabbit that he was sleeping with down with him, but I put on a pouty face and he let me keep it. The fans wouldn't even know it was his, as replicas had been up to buy at yesasia for nearly a week. The next thing I knew, we were waking up, and my parents were cooking breakfast for everyone. Heechul wanted to steal my cat, as it's name was Heebum and looked exactly like him. XD

Then the dream got weird, and turned into a graham cracker conversation with Jane Lynch (Sue from Glee), and the use of onion rings in making them, and what brands I prefer. Also Siwon turned into a boy I like from my class that is graduating this semester and my clothes smelling like onion because he took me out for soup.
Tags: floating on air, sj dreams ~
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