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Ummmmm......*can't think, I have lost all brain power*

OK. So, life has become somewhat stressful right now. My grandpa was in the hospital with pneumonia, my aunt has discovered she has leukemia, and my great uncle has also been checked into the hospital. Then add on the stress of all the things that need to be done for college, like getting loans and stuff and I don't know how much more I can take. Then yesterday my car wouldn't start when I wanted to leave for work, but at least that was easily fixed and taken care of.

So today I went out and had a little bit of fun. My friend Brittany and I went to the fair! We went to the petting zoo and we looked at all the animals that people had entered into the fair and just walked around. Then we went to the tough truck competition. It was really funny seeing a 1991 Astro van trying to win. It also had the word "Vantastic" painted on the hood. The van actually did pretty well though, it was awesome. I got my picture taken holding a fennec fox and an albino burmese python! I would show pictures, but I don't have a scanner and my friend scanned them for me and sent them to me, but they aren't downloading as pictures. T^T Don't worry! I will figure it out soon and then upload them! XD

Also, thanks to dustysock for uplifting my spirit with such wonderful userpics! *looks at sexy Hyukie above and drools*
Tags: cotton candy, exotic animals, having fun, stressed
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