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I'm Sooooooooo LAZY!!!!

How did I not post on Yesung's B-Day! And how could I miss my bf, cherry_tree1987's B-Day! Not that I missed it, but I should have posted it on here, even though she doesn't even post on lj, the lazy b****. *clears throat* Now I'm getting a little out of hand. But Brittany!!!!! You must make your lj awesome and post stuff! (Hehe I could probably say anything here, and she probably would never read it, but I won't, I don't feel like being mean today XD)

Anyways. Happy B-Day Brittany! (on August 16th) WooHoo you're 21! Only a little over a month now for me! Now here's a pretty pic for you!

Happy B-Day Yesung! (on August 24th)

Now to more stuff. I am now back at college! So I'm back to living in the townhouse Brittany and I share with two other girls on campus. I'm taking 18 credits, which is quite a bit. My schedule includes Genetics, Entomology, Descriptive Astronomy, Natural History of the Vertebrates, and Statistics. Plus I work in the School of Nursing office (not an actual nursing office, the place for all the nursing info and taking nursing classes and where the nursing professors get their mail and stuff, you know what I mean?) as basically an assistant and file papers, make copies, get the mail and shred stuff, plus other little tasks and errands.

Well, I guess that's a good enough update for now.
Tags: long update, missed b-days, yesung's b-day
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