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I've Been Very Bad ^^

Soooooo. As the title says, I was bad today. I made a large order from not only yesasia, but also rightstuf. And then I went and bought myself a paid account on here and added the extra for the extra icons. I swear. Someone should yell at me. How could I spend that much today!

Anyways. I haven't updated in awhile, so I thought I should. Today I went out with my entomology lab and collected bugs. But, I didn't have much luck. All I got was a grasshopper. My roommate, cherry_tree1987 and I will be going out tomorrow to have fun at a playground just down the street and have a picnic with one of our other friends and then we'll go collect bugs in the woods around there. I hope we find some good stuff for our collections!

I also decided to actually do a meme. I just need someone else to decide stuff for me! Anyone wanna try?
Tags: bad, entomology, meme
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