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Yay! I got one of my yesasia packages today!!!! It had the first and second Suju albums. *drools* Siwon was on the cover of the second album. I had also ordered a cellphone strap with a movie cell from Attack on the Pinup Boys. Hehe. It's Shindong when he's laying on the floor in the dance room and he's wearing his s*** hat. XD Basically it is this pic.

But, *pouts* I wanted something with Chullie in it.

Ohhhhh!!!!! I forgot to wish Shindong a happy birthday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHINDONG!!!!

I also got Heechul's necklace, and am currently wearing it. Hehe, I went and renewed my drivers license today because I will be turning 21 in a couple of weeks and I wore it in the picture. Then I realized later, that I was wearing it backwards!!!! T____T

The last thing I got today was the movie "He Was Cool". But, now I'm really mad!!! The description on the site said that the dvd was all region. It's not!!! It's region 3! And I don't have a player that will play it! I want a region free player, but I don't know which to buy and where to buy it. Plus I don't want to spend too much money.
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