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I'm a Complete and Utter Klutz!!

So today my complete and utter klutziness was reaffirmed. I was coming down the steps of the townhouse that I live in on campus and as soon as I get to the last step my ankle sorta gives and I go crashing to the floor. I kinda hit the door that was open because we were about to go outside. But, anyways, my ankle kinda hurts now. I think I twisted it pretty bad. I don't know if I sprained it, but I don't think so. This also happened around the same time last year, and yes I did the exact same thing. That time I burst a blood vessel also and I had a bump about the size of a golf ball on my foot. It was gross.

Anyways, YAY!!! My Super Show DVD shipped along with my SJM cd!!! Hehe, I can't wait!!
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