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Bad Suju Fan XD

Yay!!!! I'm done with all my tests! (At least for this week T_T) Yeah...well, I'm not to happy about how I did on my tests. I already know what I got on my Natural History of the Vertebrates one, but, at least I passed. I'm totally scared to see my Genetics one when I get it back, but I don't think I was a total failure on my Astronomy exam. I have a Statistics test next Thursday and probably another Entomology one after Halloween.

*thinks to self* How is it that I was soooooooooooo happy when I got my Super Show dvd that I haven't finished watching it!!! I put in disc one right away when I got it even though I was pressing for time because of Entomology lab, but I have yet to watch disc 2!! And I still haven't watched the dvd that came with my SJM cd. Yet, I have made time in between my "studying" to watch movies and episodes of dramas. I can't believe I did all that and still haven't watched it. Does that make me a bad Super Junior fan! XD I blame Hiroki Narimiya! Why is he so f***in hot!!! I've been watching quite alot of stuff with him in it. Then I started on my Koyama kick again and wanted to watch dramas that he's been in. Hehe, I just watched Loss: Time: Life, at least the episode with him in it. I loved the episode! I thought it was going to be soooo serious because of the description of the show, but whenever I saw the referees running behind him and the guy with the time board I started laughing. ^^
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