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Randomness, Contests and Tests OH MY!

Sooooo.....yeah. I haven't posted here in a few days and thought that I should. Just for randomness sake.

Anyways, YAY!!!! I finally got my Super Show poster!! I actually got it a few days ago, but I didn't even know it was coming because there was no tracking information. They sent it UPS o_O.

Also, I entered the I Luv Halloween contest at Tokyopop.com and won! Hehe, I was one of the first three winners. I got to choose one volume of their halloween type manga, so I chose volume 2 of Vassalord, and I also one a roll of I Luv Halloween toilet paper. XD It's so weird to win toilet paper!! *pouts* I wanted to win the grand prize, which is one volume of each of the 13 halloween titles they have and 13 rolls of toilet paper. But, oh well. At least I won something, which has never really happened before! I don't think I've ever won a contest!

I also didn't do too bad on the exams I had last week. I got a 92% on my Astronomy exam and an 80% on my Genetics. Well, my Natural History of the Vertebrates exam was kinda bad though. I got a 76%. T____T I suck. Today I took my Statistics exam and I don't think I did too bad on it.
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